Saturday, August 21, 2010

All About Jack

Jack started his last year of preschool this week. That's really hard to believe. We're getting into a bunch of activities to see what interests him. This fall he's doing gymnastics, soccer and Jarred's taken him to the driving range a few times. He seems to like the golf & gymnastics and soccer hasn't started yet, so we'll see. I hope he finds something he likes and wants to stick with. Of course, he still loves banging his drums so we may have a cousin over a few times to show him some pointers and see if he continues to like that. I don't want to overwhelm him with activities, but at the same time I want him to try new things to see if he finds something he really likes. Here are a few pictures from this last week and a few funny conversations I've had with my Jack-A-Roni.

His first day of school. He's already got an, "Oh Mom" expression. He had a lot of fun this first week and I think he's going to be very ready to go to Kindergarten next year.

Here are a few pictures from gymnastics. I was too far away to get clear pictures but you get the idea of what he does. He really has fun.

We had a wii family night and taught Jack how to wii bowl. Later he and Jarred duked it out in boxing. I think Jack almost had a few knockouts.

Today we went to check out some big machines at the town hall. I only got a few pictures before my camera battery died. :(

Jack & Popo by the motor grader. He had to cover his ears because someone was honking the loud horn on the cement truck.

Working the skid steer loader.

Jacey loved the big machines, too.

Make sure you always wear safety goggles when operating the backhoe.

Jacey & Popo taking it all in.
Here are a few funny conversations I've had with Jack lately:
The other night I was getting him ready for bed and I was being silly and having him give me lots of kisses. (I know someday he'll hate that!). He tried to give me a kiss like Jacey does with his mouth wide open and I said, "Eeew no!" He said, "I'm gonna bite your nose off!" I said, "NOOOO, I'll look funny without a nose!" Jack said, "No you won't, you'll look good!"
We were playing on the floor the other day and he laid his head down on my belly. He said, "Mommy, this is like a comfy pillow." Gee thanks. Later he was poking my belly and said, "this squishy part, is your belly??" Yes, unfortunately it is.
We try really had to enforce that once Jack's gone to bed he is not to get up unless he needs to potty. If he gets up we tell him we're not happy and usually take toys away. The other night he got up and of course, got the "I'm not happy look." He said he needed to potty so I told him OK. While he's on the potty he says, "I'm poopin'". OK "Are you happy I'm poopin', Mom?" "You bet, Jack." "Do you like it when I poop?" "Sure, Jack. Let's quit talking about poop."
He sure is silly!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


and golfin'. We found some Jack sized golf clubs in Pigeon Forge so Jarred took him to the driving range one day. He said he had a really good time. I hope he's good so he can play in the PGA tour someday.
We spent Saturday afternoon at my cousin Debra's house in the pool. It was one of the cooler days this summer and most of the time it was overcast so we had a really good time. Jacey spent a lot of time in her turtle floatie and Jack spent a lot of time hanging on mom or dad. He likes the pool but has to really warm up to different things. He did jump of the diving board to Jarred but didn't want to do it again once he did. I think we just need to go over there more often and spend more time in the pool so he'll get used to it! :)

Checking things out in her turtle floatie.

Hanging out with mom.

She had a lot of fun in the water and when she wasn't in the floatie, she spashed a lot!

Little water baby.

He needed to take some time out to play some air guitar.

She fell asleep on this floatie so we just let her sleep in the water for a bit.

We finally set her by the pool so we could play in the water a little bit. She probably slept for about an hour like this.

Relaxing with "Ant" Debra.

Swimming with dad.

This butterfly landed in the pool so Jarred rescued it. It stayed on his hand for a long time. We were worried that it wouldn't be able to fly since it had gotten wet and it had a hole in it's wing, but it eventually dried off and flew away.
We had a great time at the pool & can't wait to go back!