Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While Kelly & Ryan enjoyed their 5th anniversary in Jamaica, we got the pleasure of spoiling Abbott over the weekend. Yes, he's already pretty spoiled but we just added a little more. Kelly warned us that he's "very 2" right now and boy was she right! He is definitely 2, but still super cute and funny and of course, we had a great time. Jack & Abbott fight like brothers sometimes. The other wants what the other has & they even argued over where to sit in the bathtub. It didn't even matter if they had identical toys. It got to the point where when we heard arguing or yelling, we just said, "JABBOTT!!" They still had a great time and enjoyed being together. I took just a few pictures of the weekend. I guess it's a good thing he wasn't with us the whole week, I would have needed a bigger memory card!

So serious.

Jarred blew the leaves off the driveway. Jack's not a fan of loud noises so Abbott wasn't either.

Just swingin'.

I asked Jack to smile and I snapped in the middle of, "But mom, I have work to do."

I think Jarred got beat in a pretty intense game of basketball.

Arguing over the rake.

Jack had his first soccer game on Saturday so Abbott wanted to play, too. We let him run around with them until game time.

Then he took on the responsibility of cheering for Jack. He would yell, "GO JACK!" and "YAY! JACK!" It lasted a few minutes and then it turned to crying and, "I want my Jack. I want Jack."

Jack's pretty good with the soccer ball, but not so much when lots of other people are trying to get it, too. He kept saying, "I can't get the ball." He got tangled up with another kid and didn't want to go back out. He eventually did but not without some crying & coaxing. I think these kiddos needed some more sleep because at one point all 3 (Jack, Abbott & Jacey) were all crying.

We went back to Popo & Moma Jo's to spend the afternoon & watch a little football.

And, of course, eat suckers in the laundry basket.

Jacey's figured out how to get up on all 4s but only rocks a little bit. She can manage to scoot backwards when she's on her belly.

Watching the Vols, enjoying a sucker.

Jack is singing Hotel California while ringing the dinner bell.

If soccer doesn't work out, maybe football will.

Abbott would stick 2 olives on his fingers, but them behind his back and say, "You want to see my fingers?" When we said yes, he'd show us his olives & then eat them.

He would do this until there were no more olives.

Friday night they were Buzz Lightyear. Saturday night they were Woody.

Jumping into the office.

The weather was very nice so we spent a lot of time outside.

We wore somebody out.

We made the exchange with Grammie & Pops at a park in Knoxville. We had a fun time before sending him back to Nashville. Jack needed to slide with Moma Jo before he'd go by himself.

Check out Abbott's hair in the wind.

He finally slid by himself.

Jacey enjoyed the park & her very first swing.

Getting a little push from Jack.

The best picture of all 3. It's hard when they're moving so fast!

The park has a little beach area so we walked along the beach & put our feet in the water.

When we'd say, "Say cheese!" Abbott would say, "Cheese... at the beach!"

Jack wanted to know why the water was so dirty. Probably because we're not in Jamaica like Kelly & Ryan. :(

I wanted to get a picture of Popo & Moma Jo with all the grandkids, but someone didn't want to do that.

Can you guess who?

I just love this picture of Jack & Popo.

Checking out the water & ducks.

Silly boys.

Moma Jo sneaking in the picture.

Very silly boys.

Not sure what she's pointing out.

Whatever it is, Abbott's really checking it out.

Jacey was ready to eat so Moma Jo fed her while Popo, Jack, Abbott & I walked the trail at the park.

I asked Abbott if he could run fast like Jack... No, like a train... No, like Roxie... No. "I run fast like Buzz Lightyear." He deployed his wings and took off.

Again, on all 4s. It won't be long, she'll be crawling everywhere! What a fun, tiring weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soccer Time in Tennessee!

Well, we've had out first soccer practice. Jack said he liked it. I hope he does because he's really cute in his uniform and seems to kinda get the hang of it. We have one more practice before his first game. Stay tuned for more soccer pics and videos, of course!

New ball, shin guards, cleats & soccer socks.

Trying things out before his coach arrives.

Running a few drills.

Assistant Coach.

Her job is to look cute. Done.

Jack & his friend Thomas trying on their new jerseys.