Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Aunt Sue :)

I usually just put pictures on facebook now, but I got a request from my Aunt Sue to put them on here so she could see them. So, here you go Aunt Sue... and anyone else who isn't on facebook! I really didn't think anyone still looked at the blog. Now that I know they do, I will try to put more pictures on here. :) Jacey Rose is 1!

Maybe my favorite!

Jacey is ready to root for Jack's Braves!

Pre-game warm up on the playground.

Thumbs up!

He got a hit! Running to first base!

Coming on to third!

YAY, Jack!

All going for the ball at once!

Getting a few tips from dad.

Doing good!

She's so into the game.

Party table! Cupcakes by Kelly, of course!

Daintily digging in.

Oh boy!

Check out the icing on her hand!

I think the party was a success!

Taking a ride on the 4 wheeler.

Jacey & Jordan

So serious with Uncle JJ.

It's been a fun few days!!