Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few Videos

Here are a few videos of Jack singing and playing his drums. In one he's singing "Big Green Tractor" and in the other, "Hotel California". You have to listen pretty closely to hear what he's singing but you can get the gist of the song. The other video is of Jack and Abbott at about 10:00 pm on the Friday night they came to town last week. You can see how much fun they have and how silly they are together. Unless we do something super exciting between now and the time Jacey's born, hopefully the next blog post will be to show her off to you!

Zoo Day

There were 2 reasons to go to the zoo on Saturday. 1) It was a beautiful, sunny day and 2) to get me to go into labor. #2 didn't happen but it was still a great day. It started out with a manicure, pedicure and lunch with friends, then a trip to the zoo and ended with one of the best hamburgers in Knoxville from Litton's and Kentucky losing in basketball. We didn't take the camera to the zoo, mostly because we have a lot of pictures at the zoo and I didn't want to lug it around. I'm already lugging around enough. :) Jarred did take some with his phone, so I thought I'd share those. We also have a new baby chimp at the zoo who is very very cute, so we got some video of him playing around.

A bear, chillin' in a tree.

George, the baby chimp.

On of the red pandas soaking up the sun.

Jack checking out the river otters. They were very playful and he could have stayed and watched them all day.

A river otter, showing off.

Helping groom the goats, which I might add are the best groomed goats in town.

George playing with his tire.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funny Stories

Today, I dropped off Jack at school and his first words to his teacher were, "I have a song that I like to listen to and it's called Hotel California." Funny thing about this is that he is obsessed with Hotel California. Kelly & I grew up listening to The Eagles so I figured it was my responsibility to raise Jack listening to great music, too. He thinks that Don Henley only sings and plays drums on Hotel California and had a little meltdown when I tried to tell him he played drums and sang on lots of songs. He is slowly agreeing to listen to other songs, but Hotel California is still the favorite. He's almost got all the words and most of the drum parts learned. I've taken video so I'll try to post it soon. Anyway, back to school... when I went to pick him up one of his teachers told me that he wanted to play the drums and wanted the class to sing Hotel California. Unfortunately, no one knew the words. This upset him, of course. How could no one know the words to Hotel California?? Especially 3 years olds. Gees. Fortunately, a teacher from the class next door knew some of the words so I think that satisfied him.

When we got home, Super Jack mowed our driveway. :)

Another funny story is about my super huge baby belly. I was at Target on Sunday and as I walked around a clothes rack a woman looked at my belly and said, "WHOA!" Thanks, lady. It doesn't end there, of course. The check out lady at Office Depot today said to me, "How are you walking around?" I know I'm only 8 days from my due date, and I AM big, but I don't really need to be reminded of it! Since I'm so enormous, I thought I'd post some belly pictures for you to gawk at. Go ahead, tell me how insanely big I am and that there's no way I should be able to function right now. :) Here's my belly 8 days out from my due date.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome, Spring!

I convinced Kelly & Abbott to come to Knoxville for the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun playing outside, finally! Kelly made me some more cupcakes and we ate birthday lunch at Abuelo's, it was a perfect weekend! The only thing that would have made it better would have been for Jacey to make her arrival! Just look how much fun we had!

Abbott rocked out on Jack's guitar.

They ate dinner together at the "kid's table".

Is he cool or what?

They are trying to get a limb out of the tree.

Waiting to catch the frisbee.

Kelly got it!

Discussing life over suckers.

Just chillin'.

Playing Candy Land with Moma Jo.

If you didn't really believe that these boys had fun together, just look at this face!

Taking a picture of Popo taking a picture of me.