Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So funny.

My friend had this picture posted on his myspace page. Awesome.

Monday, April 28, 2008

House Update

Almost 3 months ago, a tree fell on our house. Well, we are nearly back to normal. We had a drywall team out today and they patched and repaired the cracks and will be back Wednesday to retexture and finalize the deal. After that, all that's left is to paint and we'll do that ourselves. (Yipee!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I got flipped off today. I can't tell you the last time I saw someone flip someone off. I was getting on the highway from my parent's house and apparently I could not accelerate fast enough. He raced around me and gave me the bird out the window. Crazy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Aquarium Pics

Can you see the flounder?

Jack Cousteau.

Jami Cousteau.

Cool Jellies.

This frog is for you, Dixie.

The Aquarium

Jack, Abbott, Kelly and I headed up to Gatlinburg today to check out "Live Babies in Incubators" at the aquarium in Gatlinburg. We saw a billboard today that had that slogan with a baby alligator and a hand holding a human baby. Now, we really didn't think that there were actual human babies in incubators at the aquarium but we were curious enough to drive up there and see what it was about. Turns out, it was about how different mothers incubate their babies and that preemie babies were put in incubators to help them survive and at one time, to help pay for the incubators, they were put on display in a window for people to see the preemies. Creepy? Yeah. The first display was of an incubator with a fake baby in it. However, they had it "breathing" so it was definitely creepy but also had some cool parts because there were baby chick eggs that they had warming and getting ready to hatch. Other than that, we saw lots of other cool fish and sharks and stingrays. Jack had a blast. Here's a few pictures.

Jack read the map to tell us where to go.

I was showing Jack how the school of fish had their mouths open. Thanks, Kelly.

Kelly & Abbott enjoying the fish. Well, Kelly is anyway. Abbott slept the whole time.

Jack getting to know the horseshoe crab.

And the octopus.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Abbott's first road trip.

Kelly and Abbott made their first road trip to Knoxville on Tuesday and we've had so much fun! Yesterday we cooked out at Popo and Momo Jo's house and enjoyed the perfect weather outside. Today, Kelly and Abbott joined Jack at gymnastics, we went to the mall and picked up a few summer outfits for our boys and then spent the rest of the day at Popo and Momo Jo's and again cooked out. Jack had so much fun outside and got a big kick out of kicking the soccer ball, "up, up, up, nown, nown, nown" the hill. He's also gotten quite a collection of matchbox cars and is so excited when he gets to play with his "daws". Mom bought him a set at Target a few days ago and today when we walked in, Popo had bought him a set of 5 classic cars and when he walked into the house and saw them, he got so excited and said, "DAWS Oh Boweee!" At least he appreciates all that he gets!

Here are a few pictures from our 2 days:

Jack trying on "Adeddy gyashes".

Jack's first "norn" on the cob.

Baby Abbott says, "I love you!"

Popo getting the grill ready to cook out. Oh Boweee!

Awww. Jack would say, "BeeAbbott seep"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blue Crocs and Sweeping the Leaves

After the quarter and a half we spent at the game we came home so Jack could take a much needed nap. Once he woke up, he asked to put on his "boo drocs". I suppose you should hear the story of the "boo drocs". Jack really loves his crocs. I bought some for him several months ago and that's all he wants to wear. They're black crocs and I thought he might like another pair for the summer. On friday, mom and I were out running errands and Jack didn't really want to be doing that. Finally I said, "Do you want to see if we can find you some new crocs?" "OH KAY!" Was the answer I got so we headed to the croc store. As we got out of the car Jack was shouting, "droc tore OH BOY!" They had some pretty cool crocs in there but he became attached to a blue pair. He tried them on and when we took them off, he started to cry, "boo droc ai-yide, boo droc ai-yide." Mom took him outside and I paid for the crocs. They haven't left his feet for too long since, even though they're a size too big. The kid loves his crocs.

After we managed to get some "pantnon" we headed outside and Jack helped us "weep graa" with his new rake. We had a great day!

It's Football Time in Tennessee... well sort of.

Today was the annual orange and white game that marks the end of spring practice. The football team divides up and plays each other and we can go watch for free. Jarred and I thought it would be cool to take Jack to get a glimpse of college football and yet not feel bad if we had to leave early (which we did). Jack mostly got a kick out of the band, he danced every time they played, but we did hear him shout out "Go Bee Orange" a time or two- seriously. Overall, we had a great day and I think Jack is definitely pumped about football season. Too bad it's still 4 months away. :(
Outside the stadium.
Interested in the game.
Not so interested in the game.
Getting a closer look.
They're high fiving in the end zone.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello, my name is Jami and I'm a photo-holic.

Abbott, Popo and Momo Jo have had enough. Too bad for them, I will NOT stop taking pictures! I think I am addicted. Ok, I KNOW I am addicted. Jarred bought me a new camera last mother's day and it numbers the pictures. Even once they're erased off the disk, it still continues from where it left off. Kelly's mother-in-law, Janet, wanted me to put all of the pictures I'd taken of Jack & Abbott onto her computer so I wouldn't have to email them and I think I put over 300 pictures just on her computer. That made me wonder how many pictures I'd taken since I got the camera so I've figured it out. This is the last picture I took and it is #.... (you may want to sit down)

Yes, it started at 001. I know, I need help. To justify SOME of the number of pictures I've taken, my camera has a rapid fire feature where it will take around 50 pictures at a time. I've played with it quite a bit, trying to capture some action shots, but for the most part I just take a lot (ok, a ton) of pictures.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just more pictures of Abbott and Jack

Here's a few more pictures. I didn't take very many today, believe it or not. We just took it easy at Kelly and Ryan's house which was nice.
Wannie & Poppa just can't seem to get enough of Abbott. Neither can anyone else!
Wannie's brave trying to snuggle with both Jack & Abbott.
Jack's gone a little delirious.
He's giving a shout out to his cool Aunt Jami.
Yay baby Abbott!!

More fun part 2

Here's a few more.
Jack & Uncle Ryan having some fun.
I love my Wannie!
No explanation, really.
Me & Poppa.
Too much fun for Popo.

More fun

Here are yet more pictures from our time with Wannie & Poppa. It's time to eat some breakfast so I'll get more on later.

A good game of father and son catch.
Pondering what's going on.
So stressed out.
Jack chose to bowl with his feet.
He's having so much fun outside!!

I'll post more later! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One more picture.

I didn't have enought room to upload them all. Here's a sweet picture of Kelly, Abbott and Wannie.

Wannie & Poppa are here!

And they just don't like Abbott at all! I don't think Wannie wanted to give him up! Ryan's parents joined us for a great hamburger and hot dog dinner that we were able to eat outside because the weather has been beautiful! Jack has loved being outside and Abbott seems to enjoy the sunshine, too. He just snoozes in the warm sun.
Great Wannie & Great Poppa trying to find a way to like baby Abbott.
Great Poppa, Popo, Daddy Ryan, Abbott and Pops.
Grammie, Momo, Mommy Kelly, Abbott and Great Wannie.
Wannie & Poppa with 2 of their 3 favorite granddaughters and their 2 favorite great grandsons.
Poppa with his 2 boys.

Who knows what today holds. The weather is supposed to be beautiful again so I'm betting we'll be outside some!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a day! Part 4

I can't imagine how many pictures I'll take once Wannie & Poppa are here with Jack & Abbott. It's going to be so much fun. The weather is supposed to stay nice most of the week so Jack will be happy to be able to be outside. Abbott loves to be outside,
Jack loves to be outside,
and Ryan loves to be outside.

What a day! Part 3

Ok, so there were a lot of good pictures taken today so there will be one more post after this. It's so nice to be able to be outside and it was really good to see all my cousins today. Well, I didn't see ALL of them, because I have a lot. To those I didn't see today, we'll see you next time I'm in town! We had a great time at Jeff's rugby game and Kelly and I have decided to learn about it so we'll actually know what the heck they were doing out there!

Here's a great picture of Jerry, Mary Ann & Grace.
See the blue jersey in the mix of all the red ones? That's Jeff. We think they won 81-0.
Here's a good picture of Jeff. I saw a picture on their fridge where he and his brother Billy were covered in Desitin when they were babies. That picture will probably haunt them someday. They were such cute babies and as you can see, now they are quite good looking guys!
Back at Aunt Kelly's we hung out outside some more. It was a wonderful day.