Monday, July 28, 2008


I know this is odd to have 2 blog posts in a row with no pictures, but I haven't really been in the picture taking mood lately. Don't worry, once we're in the cabin in the mountains I'll take lots of pictures. Here are some updates.

My feet- They still hurt like crazy but I can manage to get around. I have these nice velcro shoes that fit over my bandages that I can hobble around in. It is still really difficult to shower or take a bath. The water burns the wounds on my feet. I did manage a shower yesterday with Jarred's help and it felt really good. My feet feel ok as long as I'm not on them, but I really want to get out and do things. Plus, I really want to be able to keep up with everyone when we're in the mountains. I know there are much bigger things to pray for, but add a little snippet of prayer that my feet will get better soon.

Jack- He had his 2 year check-up on Friday and all seems to be just fine. He weighs 23 pounds which puts him in the 3rd percentile. This was the same as his 18 month check-up. He is now 32 1/2 inches tall which puts him in the 11th percentile. At 18 months he was in the 5th percentile so he's moved up there. He got 2 shots and Popo and the nurse had to hold him down. I wasn't in a good position to hold him down with my feet all wrapped up.

We're getting ready for my grandparents, aunt, uncle, Kelly, Ryan and Abbott to come to Knoxville this coming week. We've rented a cabin in Townsend (the peaceful side of the Smokies) called "Life is Good" and we're going to have a great time. Despite all my foot problems, life is good and I really shouldn't be complaining. After that trip, we have about a week to get Jack ready for preschool. We've visited once recently and he really just went right in and started playing with the toys. I hope we get an opportunity to go back a few more times so he gets to know the place and maybe won't feel too bad when I just leave him there. He's already feeling a little neglected by me since I can't play with him too good right now. Don't misunderstand, he is NOT neglected by anyone else. Daddy, Popo and Momo Jo are doing a wonderful job taking care of him! I hope y'all's summers are going good, too and I look forward to hearing all about them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As many of you know, I had surgery to remove some plantar warts from the bottom of my feet on Monday. Not to gross anyone out, but there were a lot of them and they were big so I had to be put under anesthesia and now I'm off my feet for awhile. Luckily, I have my parents here to take care of me. :) The surgery went fine and I'm hobbling along now, but I'm not sure Jack knows quite what to expect. He looks at me funny and doesn't really want to sit with me since my feet are all wrapped up. He was also sick, still, with diarrhea and not much of an appetite on Monday so that all added to the mix. Somewhere, I'm not sure where or how, he's found a comfort food... muffins. Mom and dad brought Jack back over to the house Monday evening after being sick and me having surgery and he's just walking around the living room and suddenly says, "Jack wants mubbins." A little confused, we make sure we've heard right, "You want muffins?" He begins to laugh and says, "OK." "Well Jack, we don't have any muffins." WRONG ANSWER. Mr. no nap begins to cry and beg for muffins. Guess who goes and gets muffins? Popo and Momo Jo take Jack to the store and come back with a variety of muffins. Strawberry cream cheese muffins, double chocolate chip muffins and what turned out the be Jack's favorite, mini blueberry muffins. He is so excited. Not quite sure why, but they are the best thing. Yesterday morning Jack wanted more muffins so he had some for breakfast and then again when we got home from Popo and Momo Jo's (Jack and I hang out at their house while Jarred's at work.) About 8 o'clock, it's time for Jack to go to bed but he's not quite ready. Jarred put him in bed anyway and and he cries for at least an hour. Finally Jarred goes to get him and he sits with me for awhile and says, "Jack wants mubbins." So... at 9:30 last night Jack ate more muffins. Satisfied he went to sleep about 10. This morning, more muffins. In fact, he ate the last of the mini blueberry muffins. When we get to Popo and Momo Jo's house he asks for more muffins. When Popo explains he doesn't have any, Jack starts to cry and beg for muffins. Popo says, "Jack, I can make muffins but it will take a long time." Jack says, "OK" so Popo makes muffins. By the time they are ready, Jack doesn't want them but has since eaten 2 muffins. I'm glad he's found something to help him through this difficult time for him. Somewhere along the way, he's also ditched the bottle. One night he went to sleep with it but didn't drink it and hasn't asked for it since. Odd, don't you think? I'm glad, though. I was really dreading taking it away from him. Now... maybe potty training will be this easy!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jack's Party #2

Despite Jack having a really bad case of diarrhea and a horrible diaper rash, he was in a really good mood and had a great 2nd 2nd birthday! We spent the weekend at Popo and Momo Jo's with Kelly and Abbott and had a few friends over to help celebrate again. Jack is getting better so I'm hoping this little event is behind us. Our next big adventure will begin in a few weeks when Wannie, Poppa, Aunt Lissa and Uncle Don come up and we head over to our cabin, "Life is Good" in the Smokies.

Jack helped Popo pick a peck of peppers.

Taking a ride on his tractor. This is his first tractor that started the frenzy.

Gotta have some Rock Band time. I think we could all give Ryan a run for his money on the drums.

Kelly's concentrating hard, but she rocks!

Abbott was totally enjoying everyone playing Rock Band.

Check out this awesome tractor cake that Aunt Kelly made. She did it all free hand and yes she is available for catering events. :)

Jack's opening his new tricycle. He was really excited although to drive it, he uses his feet instead of the pedals.

Checking it all out.

It's a little big but he doesn't mind using his feet. In fact, he didn't want anyone to show him how to use the pedals.

Opening even more presents.

Taking his usual one bite of cake. He did eat more later, though.

Our friend Bailey liked the cupcakes!

Jack's new sand and water box from Grandma. They both really had fun with this toy.

Taking Bailey for a ride on the tricycle. They had been in the swimming pool, that's why they are naked.
We can't leave out George! He loved Jack's new train set!

We had another fun party and now we're looking forward to a couple of weeks rest before our trip to the Smokies. Whew, what a summer!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Since I don't post many pictures, I thought you'd like to see how Jack has changed in the past 2 years.

Jack's birth day.
One year old Jack.
2 year old Jack.

Isn't he just the cutest?

A few more pictures from Texas

I thought I'd add a few more pictures from my trip in Amarillo. My friend Jennifer wanted me to take pictures of her new family so here's one of them. The next one is a cute picture of me & Jack. I really had a great time. I know I've said that, but Dixie and Jennifer are such good friends and I already miss them mucho. I love you guys, lots!

There's a guy in Amarillo called Stanley Marsh and he does some really weird stuff. He put random signs up all over town with different pictures and quotes, he's got a huge farm outside of town that has llamas and exotic animals, he's just a unique character... and obviously has more money than he knows what to do with. If he reads this, he could send me some. I'd be ok with that. Anyway, the most recent (recent to me anyway) is this pair of feet at an exit off the interstate between Canyon and Amarillo. This trip they had socks painted on them but Dixie said that they don't always have the socks. The should have had flip flops on instead of socks, it was hot.

Another thing he's done is built the Cadillac Ranch. If you don't know what that is... where have you been? It's a row of 10 Cadillacs buried about halfway in the ground. They are all at the same angle, and I find them quite fascinating. They are always spray painted and sometimes done in certain colors. Recently they were all pink to support the breast cancer races. Dixie said they were most recently painted rainbow colors in support of the gay and lesbians. This trip they were just covered in graffiti. Next time I go, I'm taking some spray paint. I've never done that and think it will be fun. It's also a cool place to take pictures, in my opinion, so that's what we did before the fireworks on the 4th.

Dixie thought she'd thrown Dacie's bow away so she's digging through the dumpster. Notice Kent is pretending she's not doing that.

I thought this was a cool picture of Jack trying to run and keep up with Daxtyn and Dayton.

Here's Dixie's family at the Cadillac Ranch.

Me & Jack (in case you couldn't tell.)

I also have to give a very heartfelt "thank you" to Dixie and her family for introducing Jack to "tractor snacks". We had to find some in Port Lavaca and once we got home. He did like the Nemo snacks we also found in Port Lavaca but once we got home, no other snack will do. He asks for tractor snacks every day. So... thank you Dixie. :) At least they're not bad for him!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Days

We sure did make the most of our last 2 days in Texas! Sunday we went to Rockport and did some shopping, but Jack got to hang out with Uncle JJ and Grandpa while the rest of us went shopping. Later that night we just relaxed out on the porch and walked down by the water.

Jordan, Jack & Jaimee sitting by the water.

Miguel (Emily's boyfriend) & Jack taking a walk.

Chillin' with JJ & Jaimee while watching Nemo.

Today we went to Corpus Christi to the Texas State Aquarium. It was a great aquarium and we saw otters, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and lots of other fish and birds. Jack had fun seeing the big fish but got worn out pretty fast because, you know what... it's hot here!

Trying to figure out Jordan's iPod.

Entrance to the Aquarium.

Jack & Jordan looking at the fish from the Gulf of Mexico.

Checking out the big fish and sharks.

Nemo & Dori- possibly Jack's favorite fish.

Grandma, trying to convince Jack to touch the stingrays. He did put his hands in the water, but didn't quite touch them.

The USS Lexington. We didn't tour it, we were pooped. We're saving this tour for our Christmas trip when it's cooler!

Getting a breather at the dolphin show. If you look close, you can see a big knot on his head. He fell out of the chair at the dinner table last night and has a cute bruise now.

He's not sad, just wondering why it's so dang hot.

The dolphin show, this dolphin was encouraging us to clap for him.

After we left Corpus Christi and were on our way back to Grandma's, we pass a sign that says, "Aransas Wildlife Refuge". It's on the way to Rockport so I've seen it several times and finally asked what it was. Barbara didn't know so we took a detour and drove to check it out. It's a huge wildlife area on the San Antonio Bay and it has a 16 mile driving loop with hiking trails and lookout points. You can see tons of birds, hogs, deer, and other wildlife just out in the open... except for today. We did see 3 deer, a butterfly, a bug, a squirrel and some pelicans. I guess technically we did see wildlife, just not the kind we'd hoped for. Turns out most of the bird species are there in the fall and spring so we weren't there at the best time. We'll know for next time. It is a really pretty place and will be awesome to tour it when it's not so hot.

Jordan's trying to help Jack see the birds in the distance.

Taking the trail out to the bay.

I did take a picture of the deer we saw, but I figure most of you have seen deer. If not, let me know and I'll email you the picture. We have had a great, fun time in Amarillo and Port Lavaca but we are VERY ready to go home. Jack was so, so tired today after being in the car and hot sun all day so he went to bed pretty early. When I went to lay him down I told him we were going to get on an airplane tomorrow. He said, "ok." Then I said we were going to get to see daddy and he started laughing and said, "OK!!" I think he's ready to be home. We're having another birthday celebration on Saturday so look for those pictures soon. Until then, I may take a picture break! Hope you've enjoyed our trip as much as we have!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

What a wonderful day! Jack still wasn't 100% but he took a 4 hour nap this afternoon and was feeling much better after the good rest. We waited until after the nap to do the birthday celebrations. We also celebrated Jack's cousins' birthdays, too, since we were all together. I think I got some cute video of him with his presents but that will have to wait until I get home. He was so excited with every present and kept saying, "Happy Birthday!" I don't think he quite got what was going on, but it was fun to eat cake and open presents. Here's some pictures from our fun day.

Jack's tractor cake, what else? (Aunt Kelly is making a tractor cake, too so he'll be really excited)

Jordan is showing off the girls cake and Jack's cake.

Laura, Jack, Emily, Jordan & Jaimee.

Look closely, he's telling you he's 2.

Trying to blow out the candles.

The girls had no problem!

Jack's helping Laura cut the cakes.

What boy doesn't love green icing?

Mmmmm, cake. He took one bite and was done with cake.

Opening presents.

He got a new tractor and was really excited for grandma to open it.

Grandpa's helping him figure it all out.

Gotta try on the Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Even Jack tried them on.

He loves his new broom!

Jack & all his loot.

Uncle JJ helped out with bathtime since he's not too fond of the big bathtub after I turned on the jets. Actually, Aunt Kelly (he has 2), Jordan, Jaimee and JJ helped with the bath but that picture wasn't blog appropriate due to little boy parts being visible. We all sat around the tub with our feet in the water. It was pretty relaxing.

So tired after a long day of napping and playing with toys.

He got a really cool Mater car and Jordan and Jason showed him how it works. You shake it really fast and then Mater says, "Well dad gum" and the speeds off.

Sitting with JJ waiting for Mater.

Just hanging out outside with all his new tractors!

We had a great day! The girls got money and Jack got goodies. I think we're going to try to find some shopping places tomorrow so the girls can have their day, too. We're looking forward to a few more days here and then it's back to Knoxville where we'll celebrate again! Hooray!