Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Happens When the Modem Goes Out??

You end up with a post with 30 pictures. Really, there are 30. Count them if you want. Jack & I spent the weekend at Tim & Janet's (Kelly's in-laws) during our visit in Nashville and Saturday morning their modem went out. I wasn't able to blog daily and with all the fun we were having I took a lot of pictures!! We had great fun at Tim & Janet's and got to visit all our cousins that we don't ever get to see! It was a great weekend but I sure had a tired boy when we got home. Maybe he'll sleep late in the morning!

Pops and Abbott blowing bubbles.

Jack & Abbott getting "rained" on from the water sprinkler.

Jack was excited to sleep on his pallet on the floor.
Saturday we went to cousins house #1 and saw Kelly, Grace, Billy, Jeff and Mary Ann. Unfortunately Jerry was at work but we had a great time in the pool. It was Jack & Abbott's first time in a pool this big this summer and both of them were a little unsure of it. If someone would go underwater Abbott would cry and stop when they came back up. Jack wanted to stay at the steps at first. Eventually they both loved it and had a blast!

Kelly & Abbott having fun in the pool!

Most of the gang.

It's be nice if this boy was cute, huh?


Jack was very interested in the goggles. He only wore them outside of the pool, though.

Oh Boy!
What a great day!

Ending the afternoon with some juicy watermelon.

Abbott approves of the juicy watermelon.
Saturday night Kelly & Ryan had a wedding to go to and Tim & Janet had a different wedding to go to so Jack, Abbott and I spent some quality time together. Tim & Janet have a great house and great room to run around. Jack & Abbott spent a lot of time running around and around and around and it was great fun! I took lots of cute videos but I'll get those up here later.

Jack's running around and around and around.

"Why yes, I am cute."

Janet has a lot of Ryan's old toys so it's fun to play with toys we played with as kids. Jack found this camera and went around taking every one's pictures. He'd snap it and say, "Oh, that's a good picture." Lucky for him he's getting one for his birthday (but don't tell him!).

When it was Abbott's turn with the camera, Jack first had to instruct him on how to use it. "You press this button, Abbott."

"Then you put it up to your eye."

"And then you say 'CHEESE!'" This is Abbott saying "CHEESE."

Just another cute picture of Abbott.

Jack decided he wanted to read some of his books so I asked Abbott if he wanted to read, too. Jack said he wanted Abbott to sit in his lap. It didn't last long.

Jack read this book to Abbott, it was so sweet. I have it on video, you'll see.

We spent most of the morning visiting with Tim & Janet and Jack convinced Janet to read him a few books. I think she read 4 books 3 times each.

Kelly took this picture of herself & Abbott.
This afternoon we went to cousin #2's house to see Gib, Angie, Jenna, Chase, Laura & Clay. Clay lives in Virginia so it was a treat to get to see him. It was really great to see all the cousins.

Jenna with 1 of her 5 kittens.

Gib & Clay

Jack hit the motherload with all the toys at their house. He had so much fun and was sad when it was time to leave. They were very generous with their toys and he ended up coming home with 3 new toys!

Chase & Abbott checking out another toy.

"Where did they go?" When he got used to everyone diving and jumping in the pool and realizing that they come back, he would do this when they jumped in the water.

Jack had more fun outside the pool, throwing things in for Jenna and Chase to dive after.
It was a great weekend. It was good to see all our cousins and we're looking forward to the next time!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zoo Day

Today was apparently a great day to go to the zoo. My sister took Abbott to the zoo today in Nashville. You can click here to see their adventure. (She hasn't posted just yet, but rumor has it she will soon.) Jack & I met our friends Amy & Bailey for a fun day at the zoo. We hadn't been able to get together in awhile due to work, travels, life, etc. so it was nice to see them. They seemed to have a good time together. It got hot pretty fast and I think Amy & I faded faster than the kids did.
Jack was trying to climb this tree while we waited for Amy & Bailey to arrive.

Checking out the penguins.

This girl knows how to ride and she's already getting the boys to dote on her. Actually, Jack was more interested in pulling the wagon than seeing the zoo.

We have a butterfly garden and it's pretty cool to go in and see all of them. They'll land on you, fly right in front of you. One sort of attacked Amy, fortunately for her I didn't get it on camera.

Just chillin' with the zebras. We tried to make them pose for pictures a lot. They were kinda over it before we even started but they obliged. Yes, Jack has on pink sunglasses. I've misplaced his but Bailey had an extra pair she was willing to share.

We also tried to force them to hold hands. They would kind of look at us like, "are you for real?" then they'd do it. Eventually, Jack decided he did not want to hold her hand anymore.

Every once in awhile they'll have zoo keepers doing demonstrations. Here's the barn owl. It was gorgeous.

We have a really cool red panda exhibit and Jack and Bailey had to "sleep" with the fake pandas in the tree. This was also more fun than the zoo animals.

Checkin' out the giant turtle.

I'm really proud of Jack, here. Normally he would be unsure of the animals but he did enjoy brushing them.

They just lay there and let kids brush them all day. They are probably the most well groomed goats around.

Bailey has no fear. She climbs all around and goes down any slide she sees. Jack is still unsure of all the adventure so he watched from the sidelines and was ready with high fives when she was done.

Two little birds in their nest.

Showing signs of getting tired.

Until we found the water! They had a lot of fun here. Jack was not happy when it was time to leave.

Bailey decided it was better to play in the water with no clothes on so Jack decided it was a good idea, too.
The best picture I could get of them, was naked and in the water. Go figure. We had a great day, we will have to do it again, soon!
I took a couple of pictures of the two of them that I edited in photoshop. I've had the program for awhile but never really played with it much. I decided I should learn so I can make really good pictures and maybe someday someone would hire me to take their picture. :)

They may just be the 2 cutest kids in Knoxville!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Pictures

I haven't posted in a week or more, I know that's strange but with all our travels and guests we just didn't do much this past week. We really didn't even do much today but I did manage to take a few pictures. We made orange juice popsicles and Jack loved eating those outside today. He kept saying, "We will need to go inside and get another one when this is done, OK?" He ends every sentence almost with "OK". Right now, when I tell him to do something, he will say, "I'm just going to do _____ first, OK?" He doesn't have a problem doing what I ask, but he needs to do something else before he gets to it.

Last night and this afternoon when it was bed time, I let him read some books before he went to sleep. Last night I told him he could read some books and when he was done, to put them on the floor, turn out the lights and go to bed. He said, "OK." He did as he was asked but after each book he opened the door and asked if he could read another. He was so polite and excited about it that I couldn't say no. Today at nap time it was the same thing but he never got back up, he just read some books. At one point I thought he was playing so I opened the door to tell him it was time to sleep. When I opened the door, I saw this:

So I told him that when he finished that book it was time to sleep. He said, "OK" and I never heard another peep until 4:00!

After nap time we went outside with our orange juice popsicles and played with the water hose. I snapped a few cute pictures so I'll share. We're going to the zoo in the morning with some friends so that should be another fun day!