Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Built this City

We've had such lovely weather here lately that we've had to spend time outdoors. We made our first trip of the year to the park and I think we all had a great time! We had a nice visit this past weekend with Kelly & Abbott and this morning we built Nashville. We've been busy.

Jacey loved the swing.

The higher she went, the more she laughed!

Jack had a good time pushing her.

Look at that big boy face!

Look at that silly face!

Look at that sweet face. See her little wisps of hair? :)

So much hair blowing in the wind.

Super Jack!

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Today we built Nashville. To the right (of the picture) is our house and Popo and Moma Jo's house. The long strip is the road from our house to Aunt Kelly's house. On the far left is Kelly's house. To Jack's right is downtown Nashville, complete with the batman building and batman (or buzz lightyear) and on the other side of the highway is the airport, with a Southwest airplane. This was a Mommy & Jack effort but it was his idea and he did most of it.

And baby Jaceyzilla knocked it all down. :(