Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!

My brother-in-law Ryan's mom, Janet instructed me to have a good time and take lots of pictures. I hope this will satisfy! Kelly, Ryan & Abbott got to Knoxville around 6:30 on Wednesday and Jack & Abbott were so excited to see each other. (We were all excited to see each other, but they were extra excited!) They wasted no time running up and down the halls together. Super Jack & Super Abbott saved the day with their magic capes. We had a yummy gumbo dinner thanks to Jarred's mom making an insanely large pot when she was here and Jarred's willingness to share it! We watched a little Vol basketball and let the boys run themselves to sleep. Christmas Eve we spent a lot of the morning outside since the weather was very nice. Jack & Abbott dug in the dirt and "composted like Popo" according to Jack. Both boys came in for lunch covered in dirt... the way little boys should! After lunch and nap, we prepared the cookies for Santa, and the rest of the neighborhood. Kelly made cookies for someone at her work to give as gifts and overestimated how much to increase the recipe so we had a few to decorate. It's a good thing they were good! Santa ate all that was left for him. Jack & Abbott each got to open one Christmas gift before bath time. They each got new Christmas PJs! After bath, Popo read "The Night Before Christmas" and both were ready for bed by 8. Jack was ready to go to bed so Santa would come, the only problem was he wasn't quite ready to go to sleep. Christmas morning, Abbott woke up first so we woke up Jack and let them see if Santa came together. They both walked into the living room and were happy to see that Santa had indeed found Popo & Moma Jo's house. Jack examined his Santa gifts and then was ready to open what was under the tree. His were all opened very quick and he began to play. Abbott wanted to play with each one right after it was opened. We had a wonderful Christmas Day eating finger food and just being together. Christmas night we played Trivial Pursuit. I made the fun mistake of grabbing the "young players edition" which is the one we played when Kelly & I were younger. We had so much fun laughing and how easy and silly some of the questions were. It was a wonderful Christmas holiday! I wish we could have been with more family, but it was so much fun to be together and watch Jack & Abbott play together. Of course, it always is! I hope your Christmas was just as fun!

Super Abbott & Super Jack

Aunt Kelly taught them how to "clap" the bubbles and get them everywhere!

Fun in the tub!

Playing with Popo under the blanket. Abbott's hair was standing straight up!

Loving on George.


Dumping the compost in the yard.

Not sure why he was pouting, but it was cute.

Dumping more dirt and getting dirty.

Eating chex mix.

Getting the cookies ready for Santa!

Concentrating on getting the right amount of sprinkles on the cookies.

Abbott's decorating with a little help from Moma Jo.

Santa should really love these cookies!

Wouldn't you love these cookies?

Abbott made sure the M&Ms were definitely on the cookie.

Of course, you have to try one (or two) to make sure they're good enough for Santa.

He's so excited! They are perfect for Santa!

They have so much fun together and don't fight... too much!
Opening one present on Christmas Eve.

Christmas jammies! YAY!

Pretending to be Santa in the bath.


Setting out the reindeer food.

"Twas the night before Christmas..."

Jack helped write the note. That's a good looking plate of cookies!

Beginning to open gifts on Christmas morning.

Abbott got a new puzzle!

He also chose to use some gifts to rest.

I hope Jack got enough stuff.

Abbott got a few things, too.

Firefighter Jack.

Playing with a new top with Popo.

Aren't they sweet playing together?
Don't they look good?

Silly boys!

They might like their Popo & Moma Jo a little bit. Maybe Popo & Moma Jo like them, too.

Christmas night we had fun with some sparklers and bottle rockets. Jarred suggested I get artsy with the camera so I did. Kelly kept trying to make fun designs.


Merry Christmas!!

Big Love!
Sweet boys snuggling on their last night together.
We had a great time, can't you see!

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas time!

Jack has been ready for Christmas and to open presents since the day we put up the tree. I can imagine at 3 years old the time is just creeping by. We've started to count down the days now that we're in single digits. This morning he crawled into bed with me and said, "Mom, today is it 5 days until Christmas?" That's what we talked about all day yesterday. I said, "No, Jack. Today it's FOUR days until Christmas!" His eyes just lit up. We did get a little taste of Christmas a couple of weeks ago, Jarred's mom and grandmother came to visit for a week. We took Mamaw to the Biltmore for her birthday and got to experience the candlelight evenings. It is truly beautiful and for a couple of hours you can picture yourself living in the huge house! It would have been fun, I think! We were able to get our presents from Jarred's family and we shopped for Jack. We were going to wait until Christmas for him to open his presents but we decided it would be more fun if he could open them while they were here. He got a game, lego set, another construction set, a guitar and a helicopter. He was excited. That really got him in the mood to open presents. We also managed a trip to Pigeon Forge and picked up a few (or more) things for Little Pink John Deere. (We have yet to determine if this will be her official name). We're spending the next few days getting things ready to head to Popo & Moma Jo's for Christmas. Kelly, Ryan & Abbott will be coming over on Wednesday and we can't wait! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, too and get to spend time with people you love! Stay tuned for Christmas pictures!

We couldn't take pictures on the inside, but Jarred got this one of the house.

Jack found great enjoyment from the wrapping paper rolls. I wonder why we buy real toys.

We got snow! I posted more pictures of the snow but forgot this one. I thought it was cute of him trying to catch the snowflakes.

Getting to open his presents from Grandma & Mamaw.

What could it be?

His first guitar.

We had a great visit with them!

Of course, we got to see Santa. He wasn't scared. In fact he was very excited to see Santa & tell him what he wanted. The picture looks like he's less than thrilled but he made a very goofy face in the first picture so we told the camera guy not to tell him to smile!
Merry Christmas!