Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's All About John Deere

Jack should be the next spokesperson for John Deere. He is all about John Deere. Today he told me he didn't have a motor grader and we should get one at the store. He was also disappointed after watching his John Deere tractor movie that he didn't have any old tractors either. On Friday he helped move the cows across the road and had to be all decked out in his John Deere gear. If you're wondering what to get him for Christmas, John Deere is the way to go! :)

We had a fun weekend with Aunt Lissa and Zoe. We thought just Aunt Lissa was coming but she decided to bring Zoe, too. It was good to see her again since we didn't get a lot of time with her last weekend. Today I got my first quilting lesson and Wannie pieced together a quilt that I'd cut out while I practiced. Tomorrow I guess I'll start quilting my first quilt! YAY! Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Jack watching Poppa shave.

Hat, Shirt, Sweats, Boots- check.

Wouldn't he sell a lot of tractors?

John Deere could even sponsor his golf game.

Supervising the cow move.

Loving on baby Zoe. Tonight he told me that she was so cute and so little. I asked if he liked her and he said yes. I asked if he wanted a baby like Zoe at our house all the time and he said, "Nah." I guess we better start talking it up!

Isn't she sweet?

This morning he helped Wannie make waffles in his John Deere PJs and socks.

Talking about the days events with Poppa.

He got sidewalk chalk from Aunt Lissa and he wrote Popo on the driveway.

She's smiling at Wannie.

Finishing out the day by building some road with his new John Deere construction equipment! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Athens Day 4

Today was another fun day of visiting and playing. We went to Canton for lunch with Aunt Sue and then after nap time we had a nice dinner at Whataburger. Now we're getting ready for Moma Jo, Popo & Abbott to head home in the morning and Jack & I are going to stay an extra week. We had a great time with Abbott here but I bet he'll be happy to see his mommy and daddy and I bet they'll be glad to see him.

Reading this morning with Wannie.

Being silly with Aunt Sue.

Aren't they cute?

She doesn't look too sure about these boys! :)

Poppa makes a good slide!


Flippin' with Poppa.

Silly boy.

If Jack does it, so does Abbott! What a fun (but crazy!) week! I've been trying all day to send Jack back with Popo & Moma Jo so he can spend a week with Kelly but they aren't too keen on that idea.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Athens Day 2, Dallas day 3

We spent Monday just hanging around the house and taking it easy. Tuesday we went to Dallas to visit our 96 year old aunt and also met Jarred's aunt that we haven't seen in 10 years, which obviously means she met Jack for the first time. We had a big day today and the boys were pretty worn out. We've got one more day with Popo, Moma Jo & Abbott and then Jack and I are staying an extra week.
Jack helping Popo plant a new tree.

All the boys need to give their input on the best way to plant the tree.

Abbott is supervising Jack.

This is the right way to put the stakes in the ground.

Helping Popo & Moma Jo look for the cat under the car.

He can get a better view when he stands on the wood.

Wildflowers in the pasture.

Checking out the cows with Popo.

We ended the day with a good movie, Toy Story 2.

Me, Jack & Aunt Jane Ann.

Reading a book with Poppa.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Athens Day 1

This blog post is mostly for my sister, Kelly who is probably missing her little boy tons since we kidnapped him and bought him with us to Athens. We convinced her to let him come with us and Saturday morning before we left, she agreed. He's done great and we are having a good time, but we do wish everyone was here together. Jarred, Kelly and Ryan had to stay back in Tennessee and hold down the forts there. We got in at 11 Saturday night so these are all pictures from today. We had a nice day and got to play with all the cousins minus Caroline who had volleyball duties. We did miss her!! I'm sure more fun will be had during the week!

Monkey see, monkey do. Whatever Jack wants to do so does Abbott.

Abbott helping Jack put his puzzle together.

Jack & Abbott got to meet Zoe for the first time. They were both so sweet with her. Jack tried to take her picture with his "camera phone" and Abbott kept trying to give her paci to her. It was so sweet to see them with her.

Poppa flipping Jack.

Abbott bumped his head, but it was cured with several ice cubes. He insisted on staying in the chair and playing with all the ice cubes until they all melted.


All the cousins, except Caroline.

Popo and Zoe.

Jack & Landon outside testing Landon's "experiments".

Mike grilling burgers and hot dogs in the rain.

Everyone loves cake!

Abbott & Popo enjoying some pound cake and ice cream. More to come, stay tuned!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we met our friends John, Amy & Bailey at the pumpkin patch to pick out our fall pumpkins. We'd never been to a pumpkin patch before, we usually would just buy them at a store or a set up on the side of the road. We planned to get 3 pumpkins but ended up with 8!! They were a lot cheaper and much better looking than the ones in the store. Jack picked out his little pumpkin and then picked one up for Abbott. Bailey found hers and then wanted to pick all the bumpy pumpkins. After we picked our pumpkins we took them to get weighed and of course had to buy some fried pies, too! We had a fun day and we're looking forward to getting Jack & Bailey together again soon.

Jack's trying to find the perfect pumpkin.

Here it is. Little and unique, just like Jack!

Trying to get these 2 to pose and smile at the same time is just about impossible.

Bailey is cutting her own pumpkin.

Here's our loot!

We were excited to find some John Deere tractors on the farm. We liked this one, it was old and they were able to sit on it and "drive".

We need to get this girl some John Deere gear!

He looks good on a tractor.

Here they are discussing the day's events.

The office. The place was called the Fruit and Berry Patch and they sell all different kinds of fruits and berries throughout the spring and summer and then pumpkins in the fall.

I just thought this was a cool box covered up with the plants.

They found little berries on the ground. Bailey said they were oranges but we're not so sure about that. Fortunately none ended up in their mouths or noses! :)

Jack insisted on the blueberry fried pie. He was so excited to eat it when we got home. My cherry fried pie was delicious and if Jarred doesn't eat his apple one soon, it will probably disappear!