Monday, February 21, 2011

Amarillo Trip

Jack, Jacey & I ventured to Amarillo to visit some of my best friends. We had a great time seeing everyone and even got to experience enough snow to actually do something!! All the snows we've gotten in Knoxville have been so dry we can't form a decent snowball. The 2 snows we got in Amarillo were perfect for snowball fights, building Texas sized snowmen and even an igloo. It's always so great to see everyone and I always wish I had more time but at the same time it's good to come back home. Here are just a few pictures from the trip.

Snowy yuccas

This little yellow bird is probably wondering where the nice weather had gone. I'd heard rumors it was in the 70s before we got there. Of course, it was in the 70s right before we left, too. Crazy panhandle weather.

That's Kent and Jack. You can see how much snow is coming down.

Trying to jump on a trampoline with 6 inches of snow isn't easy but they had fun trying.

The girls watched from the warm side.

Look how much snow Daxtyn could pick up. He didn't have to pack it down or anything, he could just pick up hunks of snow.

She preferred to stay inside. She wasn't too happy when we'd take her out. Of course, with -26 wind chills, we didn't take her out very often.

Jack thought is was fun to eat the snow.

Do did Davy Crockett... um, I mean Dayton.

Daxtyn & Jack inside the igloo.

Kent slept inside this igloo one night.

Trying our the go-kart in the snow. Jack loved it.

Our Texas sized snowmen.

Playing at the bounce house.

The only picture of them that's decent.

Jack & Dacie pumping water at the panhandle plains museum.

At school.

We got a nice visit with Ganma Fay & Gandpa Bill. They're like second parents to me & my sister so Jack & Jacey have a 3rd set of grandparents!

It's ok to sit on the table when you're at someone else's house! :)

Our 2nd family.

Trying to get a good picture of me & Jennifer but Brandon had to jump in.

I just loved this one of Summer & Jacey. I think they liked each other.

Taking artsy pics in the sunset.

We had such a great time! Now it's time for my friends to come to Tennessee!