Friday, August 28, 2009

Super Jack!

For those who couldn't see it in the email or on facebook.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoky Mountains

We spent the past 4 days in the Smoky Mountains with Jarred's family and we had a great time. We enjoyed spending time together and making a fun family announcement that we will have a new addition to the family at the end of March. We are really excited and it made the long weekend even more fun! Here are just a few (ha- I never take a few) pictures from our trip.

Our cabin. It was 3 stories and pretty much was on the side of the mountain.

The sunset the first night we were there.

Jack got to celebrate another birthday. He got some books for his leap frog reader, a football and a transformer car.

He's pretty good at catching. See he's in his big brother shirt. We put him in it first thing Saturday morning and it took awhile for anyone to notice. Laura and Emily figured it out first so we made them stay quiet until someone else noticed. Barbara finally asked why his shirt said "big brother" and then it kind of sunk in. It was fun.

Jack learned quick how to play air hockey and wanted to play all the time.

Jarred, Jason & Jordan woke up at 6 am Sunday morning to go hiking. I got up briefly with them and found this on the front porch. We thought it was a bear because these trash cans were in another rubbermaid bin with a heavy lid on it. The trash was pulled out of there and to the steps and then rummaged through.

Jarred & Jason cleaned it up before they left to hike.

Turns out it wasn't a bear but a very friendly raccoon who decided to see if he could get a snack while we were grilling out Sunday night.

The mountains were quite "smoky" Sunday night and it was so pretty.

Jack & Laura became fast buddies and I really didn't see Jack much after she got to the cabin.

Another smoky sunset.

Having fun in the bath. He hated getting out of this bath. He even had fun with the jacuzzi jets on.

Jack saw this train on Friday and asked everyday if he could go drive it. We finally made it down to drive it and he loved it. He really could have ridden it over and over.

I convinced him to ride the merry go round and he was a little unsure about it but agreed when it was over that it was fun.

Laura and I took a ride on the go karts. I let her drive.

Jack's watching for us to come around the corner.

Monday morning we went into the Smoky Mountains while Jarred, Jason & Jordan decided to hike again, this time to the top of Mt. LeConte, which is one of the hardest hikes in the Smokies. We played around at the stream and took a few pictures.

Jack didn't want to get close to the water but stayed a good distance away on the rocks.

We ate lunch at Bubba Gump's in Gatlinburg and Jaimee tried on Forrest's shoes.

After lunch Kelly & Barbara went into some shops, Jack, Laura & I went to the car museum and Emily & Jaimee went to the wax museum. Jack loved seeing all the cars. When we left he wanted me to buy him the $100 replica of the General Lee. He was disappointed.

Laura liked the cars, too!

This is the only one they'd let anyone get into. Jack wasn't as impressed with it as he was the other cars.

I personally liked the Delorian from Back to the Future.

Don't you wish we could get gas for this price??

Jack was afraid of the Jurassic Park dinosaur. It was kinda scary. It would move and roar and he didn't want to keep going. Laura went up to him to show Jack that it wasn't real, but it didn't really convince him.
Jaimee & Emily went into the wax museum while we looked at the cars. They borrowed Barbara's camera so these are her pictures. Here's Jaimee with Lucy trying to sell Vitameeta-Vegamin.

She also posed with the Hef. Thank goodness he was wax!!

I think Emily got into it a little too much.

The next bath was full of bubbles! He still didn't want to get out.

Tuesday we were all together and went into the mountains again and to Gatlinburg. We stopped at the entrance to the park and got a nice couple to take our picture. Good lookin' group, huh?

Isn't this the cutest boy ever?

We rode the tram to the top of the mountain in Gatlinburg. This is a picture of a boy who had 1, 1 hour nap the entire time we were in the mountains. There was just too much going on, no time for rest.

Jason & the girls wanted to ride the Alpine slide at the top of the mountain and they had these set up as demonstrations. Jack tried it out.

Jaimee & Jordan came down first and I didn't have time to get them coming down the slide, but I got Laura & Jason. They had a lot of fun riding the slide and the lift and the other rides and the top of the mountain.
We got back to the cabin kinda late and it was time to pack up and get ready for them to head home. We all (except Jack) got up about 5 to see them off. Just like with any family gathering or vacation, it went by way to fast but I'm thankful we got to spend the time together. It was a lot of fun and Jack had so much fun seeing everyone.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

We have spent the past week getting things ready for our trip to Pigeon Forge with Jarred's family. We are enjoying some time in the mountains but here are a few pics of our last week.

Jack being silly.

Coloring in his coloring books.

Snuggling with Mommy.

Learning to play the Wii with Daddy.

Helping me make a birthday cake for Daddy.

Gotta love the leftover icing!

Showing me the bo-bo on his finger that somehow was invisible but did require a band-aid.

Building contraptions with Daddy.

And creating contraptions on his own.

Flying Buzz to infinity and beyond!

Showing me his "cheese" face.

And interviewing Daddy about his favorite part of the day.

Stay tuned for pics of our Pigeon Forge trip!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

Jack & I went to Nashville to play with Abbott while Aunt Kelly went to a wedding. Popo & Moma Jo went to film the wedding so we all got to spend a little time together. Here's what we did:

First, we had to make a trip to the store to get some food for dinner. Jack was pilot and Abbott was co-pilot.

After dinner, the boys decided Aunt Kelly needed a good tickling. Good thing I was in charge of the camera.

Saturday morning we decided to make a quick trip to the zoo. The weather has been so nice and it wasn't even hot. We had a great morning. Abbott has a really cool wagon that is perfect for trips to the zoo.

Sometimes, Aunt Kelly needed help pulling the wagon up the hills.

Jack & Abbott had fun checking out all the animals, like the leopard.

Someone got a little sleepy and was out before we could leave the zoo parking lot!

The best groomed goats in Nashville.

Jack had fun petting the baby pygmie goat.

Saturday night we went to Arrington Vineyards to watch Uncle Ryan's band play. Jack had fun getting to see Miss Janet again, although he would have preferred to be at her house and play. We were kind of confined to a small space because it was raining a little. There is lots of room to run around we just weren't able to do it this time.

Here is Uncle Ryan's band, Art Four Sale. At the vineyard they play mostly background music but they can rock, too.

Abbott likes coming to the vineyard to listen to his daddy play. He would throw his hands in the air and shout, "Daaaaddddyyy!" It was very cute. I tried to get video of him dancing but I'll have to see how it turned out. This boy loves to move!

Here I am with the 2 cutest boys ever. We had breakfast with everyone on Sunday and then headed home. It was a quick trip but it sure was fun!