Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Weeks Old Already!

We have Jarred's parents here, though I have yet to take pictures with them. Something is obviously wrong with me. Here are a few pictures from right before they got here and our trip to the UT botanical gardens. We took Jack to "digging for dinos" downtown and he got to search for dinosaur bones in the sand. He found a triceratops, completely in tact and won a backpack for his find. I thought I'd get arsty and take Jacey & Jack's pictures in the pretty flowers at UT gardens, but it didn't turn out like I'd hoped. I did get some really cute ones, though. We've got a few days left with grandma & grandpa so I better get to snapping pictures!

Digging for his dino.

I really thought triceratops were bigger.

We also decided to plant some vegetables and herbs. Jarred & Jack planted while Jacey & I supervised.

We had a nice downpour on Saturday and Jack decided to play in the rain.

Dang, he looks so big!

Jacey likes to praise the Lord while she sleeps.

At the UT gardens, trying to be artsy.

I love this one.

Jacey with the flowers.

Jack wouldn't lay all the way down, because he couldn't keep his eyes open from the sun. This was the best one I got, but I thought it was still cute.

I'll try to post more soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jack's School Program

Jack's class sang "I'm a little teapot." It's pretty cute.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Jack had a trike-a-thon on Thursday to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Popo, Jacey & I went and cheered him on. He did great! He rode his trike for 30 minutes and didn't want to stop. I was afraid when I got there that he would complain that he didn't have a big bike like some of the other kids in his class, but I soon saw that those kids couldn't really ride their bikes very good. Jack was zooming all around the course and leaving the other kids in the dust!

First, I just had to show you want a good helper he is.

Waiting to get his trike.

As each kid was called to get their bike, they got so excited and would run to their bikes when it was their turn. Jack's jumping on his trike and getting his helmet on.

He got a new hot wheels helmet with super cool flames on it.

His trike was also by far the coolest one there. It's got streamers and a bell.

He made the most of the area he had to ride. He would go from one end to the other while most kids were just trying to pedal their big bikes! Some had trikes but Jack definitely earned his donations for this trike-a-thon! :)

He would pass by and say, "Comin' through!" or "I'm on the road."

He also had a school program Thursday night. I have video of his performance, I'll try to get it up later.
Of course, I have to add a picture of Jacey. The smiles look real but I'm pretty sure they're still gassy smiles. Either way, they are so sweet!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I think it's time for more pictures.

We've had a busy week since Jacey's birthday. We spent the weekend meeting Aunt Kelly & Abbott and the first part of this week getting used to being at home. Jarred went back to work today so it's just me, Jack & Jacey. Jack has been such a big helper and we're doing good so far! Here are a few pictures from our first week together.

She finally decided to open her eyes some.

Getting ready to go home in her rosy outfit.

Jack likes to use the boppy as a "float".

I had a photo shoot to get pictures for her birth announcements. Here are some that I didn't use but were still really cute. I love this little dress on her.

Jack really loves his little sister. I hope this keeps up! :)

Aren't they cute together?
Snuggling with Moma Jo. I love how Jack's looking at Jacey.

Popo had the tough job of tending to the brush fire.

Abbott thought Jacey was cute, but was more interested in playing with Jack.

He's so cute, too!

We tried to get a good picture of the 3 cousins. This was pretty good.

This was a great picture of Popo & Moma Jo & their grandkids.

Jack loves to work in the yard. He would spend hours helping Popo pull weeds, plant grass or anything that had to do with being outside.

Kelly & Moma Jo went to Target while the rest of us stayed at the house. The boys were in the hall playing so nicely so we decided to just let them play until we heard fighting or crying. All of a sudden we heard so much laughing that I just had to see what was going on...

They were throwing the blocks down the hall and thought that was the funnest, funniest thing ever.
We have had a great week and we're looking forward to more! We have Jack's trike-a-thon at his school tomorrow to benefit St. Jude, we're going to a car show this weekend and in a couple of weeks we'll be ready for Jacey to meet Grandma & Grandpa. So much for relaxing at home! In the next couple of months we hope to make a trip to Athens, TX and we're excited about our friends visit in June. If you'd like to come visit, please call ahead to make sure our calendar is empty! :) Seriously, come on... we'd love for you to visit!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Jacey Rose!

I have tried to post this blog twice with cute commentary, the details (well, not all details) of Jacey's birth and a few interesting things about the day she was born and our stay in the hospital. Twice I've had it all typed out and ready and twice I've hit "publish" and twice it has failed so I have given up on that part for now. Here are some pictures from her first day. We are back at home now and hopefully soon we'll be adjusting to life with a newborn again. So far, she is a great baby. I think she might not even bother me to eat unless I make her! I'll try to get the energy up to post the stories again but for now, enjoy the pictures! :)

Jack waiting for Jacey to arrive. He was such a trooper at 2:00 am!

Looking a little worn out.

Helping Moma Jo pass the time.

Here she is!

She found her thumb right away and so far that seems to satisfy her. She doesn't have much of an appetite yet but I'm hoping that will change.

She's a good snuggler, too.

This picture is really dark, but I love Jack's expression. He's been a very good big brother so far.

I think she's a keeper!

First family of 4 photo. Not too bad for 2 am!

Jack's giving Jacey the bunny he got for her. It slept in her crib the whole time she was in the hospital.
Still looking a little worn out but hanging in there.

Jack is right, she is so cute!

He likes to sit right with whoever is holding her.

Holding his sister for the first time.

Maybe one of my new favorite pictures.

Popo might like her a little.

She's really stressed out. Stay tuned for more!