Monday, November 30, 2009

Continuing a Tradition

When Kelly & I were kids, dad almost always set up his model train under the Christmas tree and we had so much fun watching it go around and around the tree. We haven't gotten the train out since we moved to Tennessee, 15 years (yikes!) but something made us think about it this year and we convinced him to get it out again. Jack has had so much fun running the train, stopping it at the station to let people get on & off, shouting "all aboard" and filling the fuel train up with gas. Several pieces were broken off the set and Jarred & I have already been to the hobby store to try to find replacement parts. We soon realized that this fun hobby could get expensive fast. We can't wait for Abbott to get here to help engineer the train, too!

Jack & Popo checking out some pictures on the iPhone.

Showing them to Moma Jo.

In the box of train cars and accesories was a 3 story rooming house that had never been put together. Jarred & Dad worked on putting it together and realized why it had stayed in the box all those years. The pieces were just a tad tiny.

George enjoys the train, too.

Don't you want to come play with the train, too?

Jack & George helping repair the track.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last part of my Amarillo trip.

We had a great time in Amarillo. We got to see great friends and Jack had so much fun with all the kids. He & Dacie fought one minute and got along well the next. When they were playing nicely together, they were so cute. When they weren't, Dixie & I wanted to go crazy! Here are some pics from our last few days there.

Flying airplanes off the playhouse porch.

Aren't they cute?

Dayton wasn't feeling good one night and Jack helped take care of him.

Nothing but trouble here. They needed to wash their hands a lot and one morning I caught them feeding the fish, just a little too much food. No harm came to the fish and they have the cleanest hands ever.

Not really sure about this one.

We met up with several of my high school friends at the discovery center in Amarillo. They all had fun playing and we got to visit a tiny bit. It's always good to see them, even if it's briefly!

Jack's rolling the ball down the roller coaster he helped build.

He is excited about the snake in the aquarium behind him.

One of the favorite spots was the different bubble exhibits. Jack's trying to make a big bubble.

Trying to see who can make the biggest bubble.

I think Kent wins!

Trying to get himself inside a bubble.

One last story time together before we head back home. It was a great time! Hopefully we can all see each other again soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Amarillo Fun

This weekend we got to spend the weekend with my second parents and family. Fay & Bill came to Amarillo and we had such a good time visiting with them. It's so good to see people you haven't seen in so long but it sure does make me realize how much I miss them! I am having so much fun. I'm still hoping my congressman will get on the issue of moving Oklahoma and Arkansas and squishing Tennessee and Texas together so we can all be closer. Someday, someday.

Jack & Summer wrestling a little.

Jack & Ganma Fay involved in a fun game of Don't Break the Ice.

Trying to keep Ganpa Bill awake.

My little Jack-A-Roni.

Me, Jack & my other parents.

Learning to play Candy Land with Jennifer & Bryan.

Brandon & Timothy were good sports about letting Jack walk all over them. Literally.

He may make an excellent tackle someday.

They just laid there and he just walked all over them.

Seems like a lot of wrestling went on at Jennifer's house.

Look how well behaved and precious they all are.

Oh wait, that's more like it! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is what it's all about, Man!

The crazy man at Cadillac Ranch today summed it up perfectly. He and his interesting female friend were traveling the entire Route 66 and had stopped at Cadillac Ranch to see them and paint them. It turns out we were there to see and paint them too and he was mesmerized with the kids and how excited they were to be there. Every little thing they painted or said, he'd respond with, "This is what it's all about, Man." I think I have to agree with the crazy man at Cadillac Ranch. We're spending great time with great friends and we're having a blast. Life's too short not to enjoy it. I only wish I could enjoy it with Jarred and the rest of my family, too.

Here are some pictures from our first days in Amarillo and one before we left that was too cute not to add.

Jack & Abbott sharing chex mix before we left.

Jack & Dacie became reacquainted quickly, though this time the tables were turned. In Memphis, Dacie wasn't too fond of Jack and Jack kept trying to tell her he was her friend. This time Dacie wants to love all over Jack and he keeps saying, "Don't touch me. I don't want her to touch me." They are now acting just like brother and sister. Fighting, screaming, sometimes hugging and playing nicely.

Jack found and has fallen in love with this huge fire truck (Santa, are you reading this??) Dacie could care less about fire trucks until Jack decides to play with it. Now it's the favorite toy.

Daxtyn had basketball practice on Tuesday so I was in charge of the other 3 kids. Here's what happens when I'm in charge. Dayton decided to make a slide off the chairs.

Dacie & Jack played nicely with the fire truck for awhile.

See how sweet?

Jack & Dacie took turns on the slide. It was big fun and fortunately no one got hurt.

Dixie had about 25 trees planted today. We cut ours down, they have trees planted. Jack was so excited to watch this "little excavator" dig holes and watch the trees get planted.

He even got to help Dixie's dad move the water hose out of the way so a tree could be planted here.

After watching trees get planted, we went to Dacie's gymnastics class. They let Jack play too and he had fun flipping.

He's quite the acrobat.

After we got the boys from school, we headed out to Cadillac Ranch to try our hand at spray painting them. None of us had ever done it before so we decided we needed to do it. This is when we made friends with the interesting Route 66 couple.

Dacie's ready with the paint.

The caddies had recently been painted yellow in honor of Lance Armstrong.

Jack was more interested at this point in throwing rocks.

Here is the interesting Route 66 lady. I've decided to take her fashion style and make it my own.

Jack finally got into painting the cars.

Look how good he can spray paint his name! :)

Three trouble makers!

Dayton paid tribute to the King and gave us his best Elvis face.

Crazy Route 66 man marked his momentous trip with the Route 66 sign. He took great pride in getting it just right.

Here are the 3 cars we worked on.

In case you couldn't tell what we painted, here's a closer view. Car 1.

Car 2.

Car 3.

Dacie got a little close to the fumes and ended up with a pink face. She would say she is "pink-a-licious" but was not to amused that we kept talking about her pink face.

THIS is what it's all about, Man!