Sunday, June 29, 2008

Park Pics

Here are the pictures from the park Friday night. We had such a good time seeing everyone. Dixie and Jennifer were there, too but I'll have other opportunities to get pictures with them. We also taught Dacie to eat lots of yummy things.

My friend Janna, her husband Dominic and her son Jakob.

My friends Berkley, Robbi & Mike. I used to babysit Berkley so I really feel old!

My friend Joey, his wife Heather and baby girl Avery.

Dacie's drinking (ok really blowing bubbles) in the Sonic drink.

Eating a yummy corn dog.

And of course, cheetos. There's nothing better than cheeto cheese on your pretty dress!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We made it to Amarillo after a LONG Thursday travelling. We went from Nashville to Austin to Dallas, changed planes and then onto Amarillo. Jack was ready to "get out" in Austin and was not happy when we had to stay on the plane. We made it to Dallas, got a bite to eat and sat at our gate waiting to get on the plane. Jack laid on the floor and said, "Jack go sleep." I told him to wait til we got on the plane and then he could sleep. He did. He slept all the way from Dallas to Amarillo so that was nice. We had a nice afternoon at Dixie's just relaxing and then went to her parents house for a nice BBQ dinner. Friday we took it easy and then met some good friends at the park for a picnic. Today Daxtyn and Dayton (Dixie's boys) had a Tae Kwon Do belt test and moved up to the yellow belt. After that we celebrated at Cracker Barrel and then back home for some rest. So far we're having a good time, but we are having to re-adjust to the West Texas wind. You don't realize how windy it is until you move away. I have more pictures to post. I'll try to get those up later.

Proof that Jack was sleeping on the plane.

He found a tractor out at Dixie's parents and was happy for the evening.

Trying out the slip n slide.

Best Buddies. Poor Jack is going to be so bored when we get home. Good thing he will start preschool soon and make lots of friends. He is having a good time with these boys! More later... gotta go play!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Play Date

Jack & I met our friends Amy & Bailey at the park to play today. Bailey is 15 months old and I think hey had a pretty good time.

Jack's driving. Probably to Dallas, that's where he always wants to go.

Bailey has a little road rage- sticking out her tongue.

They took time off from driving to play a mean game of tic-tac-toe. I think they tied.

We tried to get them to hold hands. Bailey was having none of it, she kept jerking her hand away from Jack's.

She did take time to share an apple juice slushy with him.

And to feed him goldfish.

After Jack let Bailey give him one goldfish, she kept wanting to give him more. He took a few and decided it was enough. She decided to chase him to try to give him more. :) It was really funny to watch them play. We had a great day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peli and the Jelly

Clever, huh? Here are pretty much the only good pictures from the waterproof camera. The first few days we were there, the jellyfish would be dried up on the shore in the mornings. After a few days, they were gone.

Here's Peli, remember the pelican that Jason saved. This is when he's all tangled up. You can't see it but the fishing line is all around him. I'm really glad Jason and the other strangers helped him. I know he's a happier pelican now.

On a completely unrelated note, we bought Jack a potty the other day. I didn't really plan on trying anything until we got back from our trip (we'll be gone for almost 3 weeks) but he was intrigued when I got it out of the box. So... I showed him what it was for. Right before bath time he was naked and I sat him on it and told him this is where we tee tee. Guess what, he tee teed!! Of course, the water was running and it was right after dinner so I'm not that impressed but at least he's not terrified of it. We will try to tackle this issue when we get home. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Jack, Jarred and I pretty much had a great day. Jarred slept in, mowed and then washed cars. I know mowing was his idea of a super father's day. My dad drove 12 hours to Texas- again I'm sure that was his idea of a super father's day. Of course, once he got to his destination it really was. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Jack & his blue angels shirt that's a little too big. He threw a fit when I tried to take it off to put on one that fit so we put this one back on.

Of course the outfit wasn't complete until he had on his boots.

It's officially summer when you get an apple juice slushy from Sonic.

Helping wash daddy's truck.

And even helping with the clean up.

Hope you had a Happy Father's Day, too!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun Pics

Yesterday I pulled weeds and Jack watered the flowers for me. He also managed to water me so of course, I got him back. :)

Jack & Me :)

Jack in his octopus jammies. I had to get them after he became "Nannie's otopus".

Eating noodles. Yum!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here they are!!

Ok, this isn't even half of what I took. Ok, not even 1/8th of what I took. We had such a good time and I will upload the suitable picture onto snapfish after I finish this blog for those of you who want to see more.

Here's a few stories from our trip:

On Tuesday, we are playing on the beach and we see something floating in the water. As it gets closer we realize it's a pelican and he's just floating along. A few minutes later we see him sitting on the beach so Jarred and Jason take Jack down to look at him. I walk down and we can see that he has fishing line around his foot. Jarred says there's a hook in his mouth. When we try to get closer, he tries to fly away and you can tell that he is all wrapped up in the line. It's around his neck, wing and feet. I leave and go to the cabin to try to find out if anyone can come help him. As I call multiple people, everyone tells me to call someone else and the last call is to the police. The guy that answers tells me he is tending the jail and can't come out and besides the city doesn't pay for them to rescue animals and they would have no where to take it. He tells me our best bet it to try to free the bird ourselves, seriously. (remember we're in Alabama) So I go and tell Jarred and Jason this and they kind of laugh like, "Yeah right." Well I'm not going to let this pelican just sit on the beach all tangled up so Jarred takes Jack to the cabin and tries to find something to cut the line. Jason starts to go back to help too and on his way, a group of people ask what's going on. I see Jason and 2 ladies walking back to the bird with a towel and a mcguyver tool. By this time, the pelican has a sympathetic audience and people all around angry that this could happen to the bird. Well, one woman throws the towel over the pelican and holds him down with the other woman and Jason and another guy begin to cut the line. It turns out he was really tangled and actually had 2 hooks in him. One in the mouth and one in the wing. They are able to get it all free and let loose of the towel and Peli (that's what I named him) runs off into the gulf. He tried to fly but his wing was probably hurt from the hook. Just about that time Jarred comes back and says all he could find was a knife. Oh well. I didn't have my camera with me, believe it or not, but I did have a waterproof camera and did get a picture of Peli. Just the bird, not the rescue, and once I get them developed I will post it. I'm really proud that Jason and Jarred and the other strangers pitched in and helped save the bird. I know he's flying around Gulf Shores right now, dive bombing the water.

Jack, Grandma and Mamaw just a swingin'.

We turned Jaimee into a mermaid.

Jack & Laura
Jack & Jaimee (Jack & Jordan are playing trucks in the last post)

Helping Uncle JayJay dig a hole.

On Wednesday we went to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. I highly recommend going if you're ever in the area. It's free and Jack loved seeing all the "beeee airpanes". Of course, we couldn't leave without Jack getting his own toy blue angels airplane. We have several family members on both sides who were in the Navy (not as pilots) but it was still special to go. Jarred's grandfather, my grandfather and cousin were all in the Navy.

Navy soldier statue outside the museum.

Jack did not want to get out of the "bue airpane".

He was actually dancing in front of this airplane.

The Flying Tiger plane from WWII.
Jack in front of the flag. It was hard to get this picture because he really didn't want to cooperate. Later, in another airplane, he stood up and said, "Mommy, take piture". I guess it has to be on his terms.

On Thursday, we took a dolphin cruise that guaranteed we would see dolphins. We wondered how they could guarantee this and we found out they have a trick. Two boats go out together and when they are in the area where they know they dolphins are, they go real fast side by side. This creates a wave and the dolphins take a "free ride". They get happy about this and start to jump. It was really cool. Jack did not want to see dolphins but was ok looking for sharks. Fortunately we didn't see any of those and he was happy when he actually did see the dolphins.

Jordan, Laura, Caitlyn and Jaimee (Emily was in school- bummer- so Laura brought a friend.)

3 dolphins jumping.

You probably can't tell but the dolphin on top's belly is pink. When they get happy and excited their bellies turn pink.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jack. I love the wind blowing in his hair, his silly grin and the water behind him. I am so good at taking pictures. (Oh, sorry, was that too much?)

The only picture of the 3 of us, not too bad.

A few other funny things happened on the trip, one night we were playing hand and foot and Jaimee sat down and opened up a new deck of cards. I had mistakenly bought 2 decks of pinochle cards and so we set those off to the side. She looked at the box and asked what pino-chilly was. Well of course, we all die laughing but if you look at how it's spelled it makes a lot of sense. I like that better than pee-knuckle to that's what I'm going to call it.

During parts of the drive you begin to get delirious and have to look for ways to entertain. I watched out the window and came across these billboards and signs (most of which were in Alabama).

Thiseldo Vintage Stuff- Is that this'll do or this-EL-dough?

Go To Church or the Devil will get you.- Yikes!

There is a city called Pine Apple. (Not one word)

I saw a billboard for the "Bates House of Turkey"

There was a store outside Gulf Shores called "Only Sexy Stuff" I'm glad they don't sell non-sexy stuff.

There is a Spear Hunting Museum outside Gulf Shores. I was bummed we didn't have time to go.

There is also a Shrimp Outlet. I'm not sure an outlet is where I want to buy my shrimp.

That's all the signs. One more funny story and I'm done with this blog. We are approaching the exit for I-40, it is pouring down rain and Jack is ready to, as he yelled at us, "GET OUT!" I tell him that we will get out very soon, we are almost to Mommy's house. We are about 20 minutes away at this point and he begins to cry, "No go mommy house, no". I say, "Jack where do you want to go?" Jack says,


Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're at the Beach!!!

We found internet access at Daylight Donuts so I thought I'd post a few pictures of our first 2 days in Gulf Shores. Jack loves the beach and is having fun in the "beee waves".

We barely had room for Jack!!

Doo Doo Doo Lookin' out my front door.

Jack's baby feet in the sand.

Excited about the waves.

Alligator Jack.

Jordan's helping Jack put sand in his truck.

Ahhh, the waves.

Jack had fun when the water comes to our chairs.

Takin' in the Gulf of Mexico.

Havin' fun with "Jack babbit."

I don't know how often I'll get to do this, but wanted to get a few up because you all know I'll take a million pictures. We're having a great time!