Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Fun Weekend

Kelly asked me to come to Nashville this past weekend to watch Abbott on Thursday since she would be at work and his Grammie/Wo-Wo would be out of town. Instead, she took off on Thursday & Friday and we just had fun! Jack & Abbott had fun playing together as usual and it was so entertaining to hear them laugh. Abbott did his best to keep up with Jack and mimic everything he did. After Jack squealed, Abbott squealed. After every little activity, it was, "my tun." It was great. We had the luxury of house sitting Wo Wo's house so we would have more room for two active little boys to play. Many thanks to Janet for letting us stay there. Here are just a few of the over 200 pictures I took in 4 days. :)

These girls love each other! :)

Abbott helped Jack get some toilet paper.

Abbott, being silly.

We tried to see some cousins while we were in town so we went to Laura's softball game and then to dinner with Gib & family. Jenna seemed to like Jacey ok and Jack & Abbott had fun playing soccer with her and Chase. It was great to visit with them.

This photo was totally un-posed. I just said, "Jack, look at Mommy" and he put his arm around Abbott. I also wish he'd let me fix his hair "crazy" like this. I think he looks so cute!

Jacey really enjoyed snuggling with Gib & Angie & rooting for Laura's softball team. They lost the game we were at, but ended up winning the championship!

Laura & her boyfriend met us for dinner and I made her take a picture. She doesn't like it when I do that, but that's too bad! :)

Kelly introduced me to GiGi's cupcakes. It's mostly icing with some cake but they are sooo good (but not as good as Kelly's). Jack & Abbott got a strawberry cupcake. Mine was called Miss Princess (of course!) and Kelly's was Texas Star (or something like that).

Abbott enjoyed his cupcake.

They needed to work off some of the sugar so they rode each other's bikes.

And blew some bubbles.

And were just insanely cute together.

Jacey enjoyed her time outside, too. She just relaxed in the shade.

Jacey attended her first baseball game & it was a win for the Nashville Sounds! She also slept through the fireworks show at the end of the game.

We all had a good time at the game!

The boys got a little silly toward the end. It was getting pretty late.

Abbott is still excited about the game & fireworks, though!

Suddenly, we had more babies in the house. This was a fun game for them for a long time. They would take turns laying in the carseat and having the other cover them up. As simple as this game was, it sure did make them laugh. Janet also had a tent set up that Abbott plays in. At one point they were playing in it and laughing uncontrollably. At one point I heard Jack say, "Abbott, we can't stop laughing!"

My big baby! :)

It was a great weekend! It was so good that Jack slept in until 9:30 this morning and Jacey did too after a brief wake up to eat! We can't wait until the next time we're all together!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What a weekend! We had such a fun Mother's Day at Popo & Moma Jo's spending the day outside. The only thing that would have made the weekend better would be if Kelly, Ryan & Abbott could have been here. I will get to see them this week so that will make up for that! We enjoyed the farmer's market on Saturday morning and then a lazy afternoon and then today was great just being outside. Jack made sure he got a good night's sleep last night because he & Popo "had a lot of work to do in the yard." I hope everyone's Mother's Day was as happy as ours. Here it is in pictures.

He asked to hold his sister. Isn't this sweet? She just stares at him and even smiles a little when he talks to her.

This morning Jarred fed her and she fell back asleep when he was just holding her and looking at her. She was pretty much out.
Jarred tried to get her in a more comfortable position. I'm not sure she's comfy, she's having trouble staying asleep.

Popo & Moma Jo have a few wild strawberries growing in their flower bed. Jack helped pick them and then ate all of them, even though they had no taste and we had nice huge juicy strawberries we got at the farmers market.

He was very proud of his baby strawberries and thought they were delicious.

After picking the strawberries, he needed to rest.

I think I'm a pretty lucky mom!

Mom instructed us (me & Kelly) not to get her anything for Mother's Day. Dad said she didn't tell him not to get her anything so he surprised her with a necklace.

Jacey enjoyed her time outside, too.

Being goofy with "grape cheeks".

Jack told Moma Jo & Popo that this tree looked a little sad. This is his interpretation of the sad tree.

Sometimes, he's just the sweetest boy.

Being silly with Popo.

Jacey just snoozed the day away.

What is more precious than this?

We enjoyed a great game of horseshoes.

Even Jack had a few ringers.

My form is excellent, the stakes are just too far away.

Mom has excellent form, too.

I will tell a funny story on myself. Dad made a pound cake. I asked Jack if he was ready for cake and cantaloupe and strawberries. Then I said, "cake, cantaloupe and strawberries, the 3 c's..... even though one starts with s." We had a good laugh over it.

Jacey opened her eyes for a bit and snuggled with Popo.

They sure do love their Popo!

My mom is the best! I'm glad I got to spend the day with her.

You can see the tip of Jack's head here. She is just staring at him while he's talking to her.
I hope all you moms had a great Mother's Day, too!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've got to be better about blogging

I know you're all checking my blog daily to see pictures of Jack & Jacey so I'll try to be better about posting pictures. Here are some from the past few weeks.

Jack's new favorite saying is, "Mommy, I love you.... what time is it?" So, grandma bought him his own watch so he can learn to tell time on his own!

He looks so big here.

Jacey's pretty much just a doll I dress up in cute clothes. I can't believe she's 1 month old already!

She loves taking a bath.

See, just another cute outfit.

We had a good visit with Grandma & Grandpa.

This outfit's from Ganma Fay & Ganpa Bill.

She's starting to stay awake more and be more alert. She may even have a few real smiles. Especially if she can watch the ceiling fan.

Jack's just a goofball.

Jacey got to meet cousin Brad while he was in town for work. She liked him pretty good.

We had a very nice visit. Jack even got to spend the night with Brad at Popo & Moma Jo's.
I'll try to post more pictures soon!