Monday, June 28, 2010

I hope

they always enjoy each other this much.

Me: "Who's the sweetest girl?"
Jack: "Jacey Rose!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Fun Times

I'm gonna have to slow down after this trip. We've been on the go since Jacey was born and now it's time to slow down and enjoy her sweet smile. Ok, I've enjoyed it AND all the fun, but I think we'll stay home for a bit. This past weekend my friends from Amarillo, Dixie, Kent, Daxtyn, Dayton, Dacie & Dallas all came to Nashville to meet Jacey and explore Nashville. We fit in as much fun as possible in upper 90 degree weather. Our first stop was the Grand Ole Opry where we got to see Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle. We also saw Bobby Osborne, who sings Rocky Top. I was pretty excited about that. Saturday morning we headed to Bell Buckle, TN and the RC Cola & Moon Pie festival. I was H.O.T. but we had a great time. Jacey spent the day snuggling with Miss Janet in the cool house. Saturday night we went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game. The Sounds played the Rangers affiliate so Dixie & her crew were secretly rooting for them. The Sounds won & we enjoyed fireworks and running the bases after the game. Sunday we were going to go to one of our state parks, but the forecast was for 100 degree weather so we toured the Belle Meade Plantation instead. Sunday night we spent time at a park and then on Monday we toured the Belmont Mansion, learned about the battle of Franklin and then Jarred, Jack, Jacey & I headed back home. We took breaks each day at the pool and Jack went from only wanting to be on the steps to jumping off the side of the pool to us. We had a great visit, even though it was short. We're looking forward to seeing them all again (hopefully soon)! Here are just a few pictures from our weekend.

This John Deere engine was cranking an ice cream maker. You can have one, too for just $5400.

Of course, we all have to pose as the RC Cola can. Here's Kelly.

Me & Jack



2 hot boys patiently waiting for food.

Trying to stay cool in the shade & listening to the music.

Kent & family became honorary knights of the Moon Pie Round Table for traveling so far.

Kelly got a free hug.

So did I.

Abbott also got knighted for his awesome dance moves. He was the only one out on the dance floor and was showing off his skills.

Gotta have an RC and a Moon Pie.

This guy was our entertainment. He thought he was pretty awesome so it was fun to watch him.

Trying to cool down with an RC.

Pretty soon all the kiddos were out dancing, plus one guy (in the red shirt), who was totally getting down.

Bell Buckle was a cute little town. I'd like to go back when there's not a million people there for a festival.
This little house was a bed & breakfast,

shall we mingle there sometime?

Dacie was quite fond of baby Jacey. She wanted to be right by her all the time. It was so sweet.

Jacey looks scared, but she's really not. :)

Of course, after Dacie held her, Jack had to also.

Belle Meade Plantation

Belmont Mansion

Picking flowers at the site of the battle of Franklin.

Map of the battle of Franklin & looking out over the battlefield.

Getting brave & jumping off the side of the pool.


Kent & Jarred in a mean game of water guns.
Stay tuned, next up is 4th of July & Jack's birthday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The rest of the trip...

I'm going to have to be better about blogging or each post is going to have 50 pictures in it! We had a wonderful time in Athens and while you may think we just relaxed being on the farm, you're mistaken! I had to make sure I filled every bit of my time! There was a little time to relax but we were on the go a lot. When we took Kelly & Abbott to the airport, we had lunch with our great aunt Treville who will be 98 this year! Jack, Jacey & I took a road trip to Tomball to see our niece Laura graduate. On the way home from Tomball, I had a tire blow out which was not fun but I was pretty close to Athens so I had my dad and Poppa come rescue me. We made it to Athens in time for a wedding shower for my cousin on Sunday. After that, we were able to relax a little bit and enjoy being together. Here's just a few pictures from the rest of the trip.

Jack & Abbott taking some time to relax.

And snuggle.

Here's all the kids with Treville. They loved being at her place and Kelly & I loved seeing her with them.

Miss Jacey all dressed up for graduation.

Jack was excited to see his Uncle JJ.

Jason & family at graduation.

Me & Jack with Laura. Jason cut Jacey's head off!

Mamaw got to meet great-grandchild #20. Yep, 20 and 21 has arrived since Jacey's birth!

Brad and Sandy getting showered with wedding gifts.

They're getting married in the Cayman Islands so they needed a few beach accessories.

When it's hot in East Texas, you need to spend a lot of time in the pool. Zoe loved having the water squirted on her.

Jack loved going down the slide. When did he get so big?

I mean, is he really almost 4?

On Monday we had some of our best friends come down to visit and meet Jacey. There were 10 kids and 11 adults. It was crazy but it was so good to get to see them!

Jennifer probably feels right at home with Jack crawling all over her.

When things quieted down, Jacey told Poppa & Popo about her weekend.

Jack made a few calls about his blown out tire on his bike.

I think someone's on their way to help.

Like all babies before her, Jacey gets a bath in Wannie's sink.

And gets all dressed up in her tutu. This was a gift from one of Moma Jo's high school friends. The onesie says, "I rock my tutu." I agree.

Me, Jack & Jacey with my awesome grandparents. I just love when we're all together.

The boys swingin' on the front porch.
We are in for another big weekend. My friend, Dixie and her family are on their way to Nashville from Amarillo. We're heading there Friday to spend a long weekend with them. I can't wait to see them and have another fun filled weekend zoom past. It's too bad that time flies when you're having fun! That's when you want it to slow down!