Saturday, September 24, 2011

August & September

I will try to update at least once a month from here on out. August & September were low picture months. I didn't take very many. I need to change that. :)

We were invited to a friend's farm to let Jack ride in the big tractor. It turned out to be during a weekend when Abbott was with us, too so he got to ride along. Mr. Mike drove them all around the farm in the tractor and they loved it. We were right up next to a bunch of cows, too!

Jacey helped Jarred drive along behind the tractor.

They have a beautiful place!

The biggest thing, by far, in August is Jack starting KINDERGARTEN!! He was so excited and he LOVES it. So far, he is doing great!

Walking to his class.

The first day they split into different groups to be tested to see what they knew. This ended up not being his classroom or teacher but it's where he was on the first day.

Busted nose & lip. :(

She's so big in her rocking chair.

One last swim in the pool. Abbott is just a little silly.

Jack, of course, is NOT silly.

The easiest way to eat a snack.

He's showing me his messy face.

Jack is playing soccer this fall with one of his best friends, Bradyn. Bradyn is quite the soccer star where Jack is just happy to run around and kick it every once in awhile. He gets so excited when anyone scores a goal, even if it's not him.

He's had a few good plays and has ALMOST scored once.

Jack & Bradyn hustling for the ball.

So intense!!

Miss Jacey with her juice box.

It's just best if you get out ALL the toys when your friends come over.

Getting his first drum lesson from cousin Billy. He is also excited about this! :)

I promise to take more pictures and try to update more often!

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